word art print on solid oak
typography art prints. handmade in britain. naturally.

Coulson Macleod - handmade typography and illustration artwork

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Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner.
Dimensions - 54cm x 54cm x 8cm


The Love Collection - click an image below to view each piece of artwork

Do You Love Me You Had Me At Hello I Love You I Think I Just Fell In Love With You.
Love Makes The Ride Worthwhile P.S. I Love You And When I Touch You What Is Love
Definition Of Love I Love You Now. I Love You Always Never Lt Go Nobody Puts Baby.

Peace of Mind
If you're not happy with your artwork you can return it for a full refund
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Distressed word art print on a chunky handmade rough-sawn solid oak frame - wonderful as a Valentine's Day gift between loved-up couples.

Limited Edition
Yes, 250 prints in total

Production Process
The frame is handmade in Britain. The oak panel is cut and sanded by hand before being covered with a coat of diluted white lacquer wash to fill the grain, and then sanded and re-washed with the lacquer a second time. The panel is then over-printed with UV ink.

The mitred frame is handmade using rough-sawn solid oak with a shadow rebate on the groove. We purposefully retain any defects in the oak to add to the charm and character of the piece. These can include knot holes, warps and water marks, so each frame is totally unique.

The printed panel is then encased into the frame which is then glued and pinned, ready for hanging.